Art in the Garden: A Giant Success

Art in the Garden has been and gone, and what a day - there has been an incredible amount of positive feedback for the committee's dedication to making sure things ran smoothly.

Of course it took weeks of planning by the committee, but it wouldn't have been possible without our host Chris Hollingsworth at Byamee Gardens, who was the primary event organiser, organising everything from the barbecue to a site map and artist bios. The Millicent Lions also assisted the committee and Chris with setting up the Garden for the day, providing plenty of shelter and chairs.

Thanks to our featured artists on the day - Aleesha Barton, Amanda Schubert, Kerrie Stratford, Melanie Spurling, and Tanya Hunter. To everyone else who donated items such as produce and flowers - thank you. Entertainment was provided by the PUGS (Penola Ukelele Group), the Beachport Ukelele Group (BUGS), and John McLoughlin.

The committee was assisted on the day by plenty of impromptu volunteers, but a special thank you to Megan Brennan. Below are some pictures of the day, courtesy of Chris Hollingsworth.

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