Colouring Millicent with murals after Corona...

Like all community groups, IMAG Millicent felt the effects of Covid-19 and had to put some things on the backburner. BUT - you can't keep a group of creatives down for long, and we've made some strides in getting a mural done on what is called the 'Hitting Wall' here in Millicent, with Melanie 'Mel' Spurling being our artist. Mel is an accomplished artist who has a unique style, focusing on flora and fauna. Her contrasting bold colours will be a welcome addition to the Domain, joining Kitt Bennett's Giant Squid, and the newly opened nature play space next to the Mega Playground. You may recall that Kitt's squid was an IMAG initiative, and it's been more than a year and it's still gettting a lot of praise locally and elsewhere! Melanie will be drawing on the rich and vibrant history of Millicent to complete her piece, and we're looking forward to drawing tourists to the town to get the economy back and bigger than ever! Check out some of Mel's pieces below!

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