Going with the Flow for a brighter future

The Millicent Gallery and our local artists have once again outdone themselves with the latest art exhibition 'Go With the Flow', which celebrates the work of Peter Dunn, Margaret Carter and Mandy Dodgson.

The exhibition is a testament to what can be done when the artist has a keen sense of colour and form. Peter Dunn's work features nocturnal and ocean scenes with wolves and horses. Dunn manages to capture the unpredictability of nature in large triptychs and scenescapes.

Both Margaret Carter and Mandy Dodgson were more focused on evoking mood through blending colour, with pieces swirling with fiery red, or drawn out golds, or moody blues.

The opening on September 20 had a packed out gallery, which is such excellent news for Millicent and for the arts in the Limestone Coast generally.

THANK YOU for coming out to the exhibition. It's wonderful to see things going back to normal and everyone practicing safe social distancing.

And a massive thank you to IMAG committee members Chris Hollingsworth and Sandra Melrose who sold $99 worth of raffle tickets. The money from these raffle tickets all go towards public art, and we're so excited that things are moving rapidly towards not one but TWO new pieces in 2020.

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